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BoredYou love your music library, and even your podcast subscriptions.

Your collections are superb, and there is no single day you skip listening to your favorite band or music artist.

Suddenly you just get BORED. You need a breather. And you search for something that is unique yet entertaining, something funny, and witty for a hearty laugh.

There are many options, yet it overwhelms you. Feels BAD, right? It pisses you the “Karens”, COVID, “demon sperm” social posts, or the robotic items you see on various podcast directories.

search no more!

Gutting the Sacred Cow, a podcast that will make you happy is on YouTube

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In the latest episode of Gutting the Sacred Cow podcast, Bill McCuddy EXPELS Fast Time at Ridgemont High. Can Bill convince the Kevins that this film is worse than Judge Reinhold wearing his baseball jersey tucked into his jeans? Or is this film still truly as beautiful as a topless Phoebe Cates?

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Wondering who are behind this podcast that will make you happy?

Meet the Hosts

Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel are two stand-up comedians who love to talk and argue about the movies they have seen or catching their snobbish attention. In this unique podcast, they invite fellow comedians and podcasters to select movies they find overrated, bad or trash. Such movie must be a blockbuster one, a financial success, critically acclaimed, and a most-loved one. The guest must convince the two Kevins that he has “gut the sacred cow”. Hence, Gutting the Sacred Cow.

Kevin Gootee

Kevin Gootee


KG, an actor, a comedian, a voice-over artist. KG is also the creator, host, executive producer, and director of the show, “Comics Watching Comics” on Amazon Video. He is also a regular on John Fugelsang’s, “Tell Me Everything,” on Sirius Ch 121 and MORNIN’ on Compound Media. He also created, “Fantasy Football Jibber Jabber,” which airs on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Check out his WEBSITE for more.





Kevin Israel

Kevin Israel


KI was a lawyer, and a political operative. He left his lucrative position at a law firm to pursue his passion: comedy. KI regales his audiences with his life experiences – from stories of his mother, to relationships, and to the reality of growing up the only Jewish kid in his school, all compiled in his album #StruggleIsreal. You’ll love this sharp-witted guy who won the prestigious Gilda Radner’s Laugh-off in 2013.





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Aside from the weekly podcast that will make you happy, KG & KI also blog regularly on WEEKDAYS, giving you positive vibes, and a beautiful laugh.

For recent podcast that will make you happy articles, visit Gutting the Sacred Cow’s blog every day. You’ll surely love Kevins’ #listof10, favorite movie quotes, movies they’ve seen, movie news, and movie sequels they did or didn’t like which they love to argue about. 

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